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Weight loss has been around as long as weight gain and there have been thousands of methods and products developed over the years to make both weight gain and weight loss happen. Read more

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In addition to making a delicious hot or cold drink, green coffee beans are a known and proven weight loss promoter. Green coffee beans are an active compound that targets stubborn fat collection areas. Read more

Green Bean Coffee Review

Green Bean Coffee is a product of unroasted coffee beans. Green beans are bitter in taste and roasting them gives them the brown color and flavor, but the roasting process also removes Chlorogenic Acid, which is the very property that promotes weight loss. Green Bean Coffee is a very effective product used in weight loss programs and when  chlorogenic acid appears it signals the liver to stop releasing glucose into the blood stream. The body, in turn, will burn the fat stored and use the glucose stored in the fat.

In addition to promoting weight loss, Green Coffee Beans also has other benefits such as lowering blood pressure, provides protection against the buildup of abnormal fat and lowers blood glucose levels. Green Bean Coffee also helps decrease the contraction that sometimes take place in blood vessels.

Green Coffee Bean has been the subject of studies and research and several studies have shown to promote weight loss within a group of weight loss volunteers. The volunteer weight loss group underwent monitoring health, eating and exercise habits, body weight, heart rate and blood pressure. The participants did not make any changes to their diet, eating or exercise habits, but were given certain doses of green coffee bean extract and included placebos, as well as 700 and 1,050 milligram doses of the extract during 22 weeks of use.  The participants taking the doses of the extract lost an average of 09% body weight, with the largest weight loss experienced by those who were given the higher dose of the extract. The participants who were given placebos did not experience any weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean extract showed, in a study using mice, the extract was a weight suppressant in overall body fat and visceral fat.  That represents significant weight loss promotion and the prevention of fat that tends to build up around vital organs such as liver, kidneys and heart. It also decreases the risk of diabetes and heart disease, metabolic disturbances and some types of cancers.

The reason for that are the effects from the combination of the polyphenolic compounds and chlorogenic acid, and caffeine in the beans work in concert to effectively fight those pesky toxins that build up in the body.  Green coffee bean extract was tested against placebos in a clinical study. The volunteer group of overweight adults who were given green coffee bean extract lost a significant amount of weight while the group taking the placebos lost minimal weight.

Green Coffee Bean

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